Tights Racing

Strange Games has been inundated by an e-mail from Elmo McDonald :'Montegue, can you tell me the best Christmas party game to play that is fun for the whole family, is energetic and which uses some of the crap that is left around the place at this time of the year?'  I had a good think about this request and remembered a game from my own childhood: Tights Racing.
Tights Racing is a superb

Rip Off Your Kecks

Strange Games reader W. Poole (pictured) sent in the following party game, which he insists is 'the' game to play at all the best parties:Rip off Your Kecks or Trouser Swapping as it is sometimes know in more polite circles is the ultimate party game that involves clothes.  There are quite a few of these such as the one where you have to put on an oversize set of clothes and race to the end of

UK RPS Championships - Report

Excellent UK RPS tournament report with lots of photos and videos by Richard 'the Rock' Gottfried over at the Ham and Egger blog (your first stop for UK mini golf news)