The Hunger Games: Movie Review

I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games books, so when the film was announced, I was very eager. But I'm not going to lie, I was also very excited. The trailers looked good for the film, but I was always a bit skeptical.

So the film is now out and and was a huge hit and was very successful. Critics and fans loved the movie. I thought the film was pretty good. I think it was an almost perfect adaptation of the book. But they did leave out some elements of the book that did seem important. I know things change from book to screen, so I'm not really complaining at all.

The acting was good for the most part. I was a little nervous about Josh Hutcherson, but he was fine in it. Jenifer Lawrance was perfectly cast in the role as Katniss Everdeen. Liam Hemsworth was good as Gale, even though he wasn't in the movie that much. All the other kid actors were passable, but could've been better.

The action was well directed and the shaky camera was effectively used. The film has a nice gritty feel to it. All the sets and locations are fantastic. I think all the scenes during the actual hunger game, are all effective.

The CGI is good for the most part. All the sets are enhanced by CGI and most of those look fine. The animals and things are a hit and miss. The wolf creatures at the end aren't that good, but the insects look fine. The scenes in the movie with fire are also mixed. The forest fire is a blend between practical fire and CGI fire, and you can totally tell.

The pacing in the movie is fine for me. The hunger games don't start until about an hour into the movie. It was nice to get a build up of what the hunger games is and see what these characters have to go through. I think the ending of the movie leaves you wanting more and that good.

Overall this is a satisfying adaptation of one of the most popular teen novels. Its a dark toned film with very adult topics and it works very well.

Final Score: 8.7

The Blu-ray version of this film is top notch. The sound and picture are fantastic. On the Blu-ray of this film you get about three hours of special features and they are a good insight on how the film was made.

There are three different versions of the film on Blu-ray, in terms of boxing. Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are all selling a different version. Best Buy has a huge box with Blu-ray, DvD, digital copy, and Ultra violet. Its a nice box and it comes with a special gift with it. But its sort of plain. Walmart has the most uninspired boxing out for the film. Its just the regular Blu-ray with a necklace included, all stuffed inside a card board box.

Target is your best option, It comes with three disk. One disk is the film, the second is three hours of special features, the third is an exclusive disk with an extra hour of the special features. The case is in a nice slip cover, the slip cover is all black that has the mockingjay pendant of the front and has the title on it. Its very effective. The actual case is very nice and you cant get it any where else. Go to to see what I'm talking about.

Wreck-It Ralph: It Sure Must Be Nice, Being the Good Guy

The movie involves the arcade being some kind of video game society, where characters from each game are free to wander from one game to another through a mainframe. The catch is, if they get killed outside their game they die for real. Also, if they fail to show up for work, the arcade owners will assume the game is on the fritz, it will be marked "out of order" and you run the risk of being permanently unplugged, leaving them homeless.

Ralph (voiced by John Reilly) is a character in a video game called "Fix It Felix Jr. where everybody takes him for granted, doing the same thing and seeing all the glory go to Felix (McBrayer), who fixes everything Ralph wrecks with the help of a magic hammer. Ralph has spent so many years watching the residents of the building reward Felix for his work while he has to go sleep in the dump on a bed of bricks every night that he has grown to resent his role in the world. He has been the bad guy so long that he has recoil from it.

Desperate enough to be redefined in the eyes of others and got tired of playing the role of a bad guy, he takes matters into his own massive hands and sets off on a game-hopping journey across the arcade through every generation of video games to prove he's got what it takes to be a hero. Ralph journeys to Game Central Station, the gateway to every game in the store and hops to a 'Starship Trooper'-like game called Hero's Duty and eventually lands up in another one called Sugar Rush. His object of attention is a medal he 'wins' in the former game and sort of - loses - in the latter.

The highlight of the film revolves around Ralph's relationship with that game's glitch, Vanellope, a bratty little girl voiced by an often grating Sarah Silverman, who wants nothing more than to win a race and gain her people's respect. Vanellope was being blackballed from the game's races by its bubbly despot, King Candy (Alan TudykBoth) who happens to be the selfish, jealous game player Turbo who was so obsessed with being the best racer that he abandoned his game in order to become the best racer in other, more popular games like "Sugar Rush".

The film is remarkable in that it takes you on a multi-generational gaming trip, while keeping true to its real story - a hero's dilemma - having to choose between doing the so-called right thing and keeping true to your friends. It was indeed a very good animated movie with a fantastic unique story. It was one of the outstanding animation films that take a moral standpoint.

Computer Game Tester - Pros and Cons

Computer game tester. Sounds like fun, but it is also hard work. Sometimes a tester works for hours repeatedly performing the same actions and doing things like actively trying to break it. Most of the time it is a job. If you like games and you want to make your hobby your job you have to become a computer game tester.

What can you expect as a tester.

- Looking for a glitch or a bug in the game.

- You must check every character, map, weapon or car.

- Also the quality of the game has to be checked.

It is a job. But a nice job if you like to play games. Do not let scam sites fool you. There are many sites which promise you a big paycheck. 200$ an hour. I can tell you that this is not realistic. In the beginning you will make around 10$ to 15$ an hour. Later you might be earning around 50$ an hour. But you have to really work for that amount of money. Again, if you like to play games, no problem.

Being a computer game tester has a couple of benefits. In the environment of your own home you can do your work. You can spend more time with family and you do not have any travel expenses nor travel time to consider. You will be earning your money with something you like. On top of that you know you are doing an important job. While you are testing games your skills and insights of the game will improve, together with your knowledge. After you tested the game most of the time you can keep the game for yourself. That is also nice.

Unfortunately you will hardly find advertising in newspapers or bulletin boards in your town. In order to apply for computer game tester you will have to find your resources on the internet. Be aware for scam sites. People try to trick you to get you to there websites for scam purposes. There are a lot of scammers.

When you found your recourse you will be fast on your way to success. Within a couple of months you will be earning a nice monthly pay check working from your own home in your own environment.

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