Computer Game Tester - Pros and Cons

Computer game tester. Sounds like fun, but it is also hard work. Sometimes a tester works for hours repeatedly performing the same actions and doing things like actively trying to break it. Most of the time it is a job. If you like games and you want to make your hobby your job you have to become a computer game tester.

What can you expect as a tester.

- Looking for a glitch or a bug in the game.

- You must check every character, map, weapon or car.

- Also the quality of the game has to be checked.

It is a job. But a nice job if you like to play games. Do not let scam sites fool you. There are many sites which promise you a big paycheck. 200$ an hour. I can tell you that this is not realistic. In the beginning you will make around 10$ to 15$ an hour. Later you might be earning around 50$ an hour. But you have to really work for that amount of money. Again, if you like to play games, no problem.

Being a computer game tester has a couple of benefits. In the environment of your own home you can do your work. You can spend more time with family and you do not have any travel expenses nor travel time to consider. You will be earning your money with something you like. On top of that you know you are doing an important job. While you are testing games your skills and insights of the game will improve, together with your knowledge. After you tested the game most of the time you can keep the game for yourself. That is also nice.

Unfortunately you will hardly find advertising in newspapers or bulletin boards in your town. In order to apply for computer game tester you will have to find your resources on the internet. Be aware for scam sites. People try to trick you to get you to there websites for scam purposes. There are a lot of scammers.

When you found your recourse you will be fast on your way to success. Within a couple of months you will be earning a nice monthly pay check working from your own home in your own environment.

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